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The prospect of imminent calamity keeps viewers tuning in to Amazon’s The Grand Tour, where great cars meet great scenery, and three petrolheads bicker over whose engine is bigger, who makes a better cup of tea — and what you’ll get if you cross a Soviet warplane, a Suzuki Jimny and a speedboat.

By Benji Wilson

What comes to mind when the stars think of the Golden Globes? Some winners, nominees — and watchers — share their thoughts.

By Craig Tomashoff - Additional reporting by Sarah Hirsch

Now known for its prescient picks and not just its great parties, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be back at the Beverly Hilton for its 75th Golden Globe awards — and more happy surprises.

By Craig Tomashoff

Why are seasons, episodes and even commercials all taking a haircut these days?

By Daniel Frankel

Two role models for people with disabilities tell their stories.

By Libby Slate

To spark changes in television industry practices, a philanthropy challenged creators to audition and cast more actors with disabilities in the most recent pilot season.

By Libby Slate