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Emmy Magazine Features

The showrunners of Westworld reflect on its posthuman fantasy, where dark impulses come to light in a vast and disturbing realm.

By Ann Farmer

At Nickelodeon’s new digs, artists who feel animated can start their drawings right on the walls.

By Gina Piccalo

Acting’s ultimate anti-hero, the storied Robert De Niro, tackles the ultimate con.

By Tatiana Siegel

The wonder that is Stranger Things is at once a sweet story of simpler times and a spooky spin in the supernatural. For Netflix, the script by the Duffer brothers was a definite yes, as were the young actors whose bonds bedazzle on and off the set.

By Tatiana Siegel

When casting one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer set their sights on no less than Geoffrey Rush. He turned them down, but they eventually got their man.

By Benji Wilson

Kathryn Hahn steps up to a role that doesn’t back down.

By Mike Flaherty